Tomáš Dvořák: Machinarium (expansion set)

music by Tomáš Dvořák

Tomáš Dvořák's electro-acoustic game music got released as an album (in various forms) as well as a free bonus EP. However, I decided to offer a 34-minutes selection of game-file rips to complete the officially released material with the remaining unreleased music. The files' quality is MP3 at 160 kbps. However, some edits were to be made to facilitate an enjoyable listening experience. To avoid re-encoding losses, these edited pieces are presented in FLAC format.

31:42Stairway To Heaven
40:20Multi-Religious Robot Church: Christianity
60:28Multi-Religious Robot Church: Judaism
73:20Mr. Handagote (ambient mix)
80:29Multi-Religious Robot Church: Islam
93:55Nanorobot Tune (ambient mix)
104:10The Castle, part 2
111:43The Dome
122:20Radio Tune #3 (88/8,5)
131:36Radio Tune #4 (92/7)
142:14Radio Tune #5 (96/10)
152:48Radio Tune #6 (108/11)
160:08Signal (108/7)
171:08The End

To purchase the album, visit Tomáš Dvořák's website. The bonus EP is obtainable for free via the artist's store.